Mr. Amish Mennonite Summer Sausage ( Mini )

$15.00 / 1LB Average

Old Amish Mennonite Summer Sausage Recipe that is hand made to this day. Pit smoked for two weeks with natural hickory & maple wood, air cured for 3 weeks. Our Summer Sausage is very popular with customers far and wide.

Gluten-Free Product:

The cloth bag allows the summer sausage to breathe, and can be hung in a cool place to continue to dry and cure until it gets to your desired texture. To prevent it from getting dryer (and harder to slice), keep it in the fridge pulling the cloth bag back as you slice and enjoy. It will easily keep for a year or more but it never lasts that long in most homes!

Try It On Pizza And Thank Us Later!

Its Soooooo…………….Gooooood

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